Strength, patience, beauty - all attributes that stand for women. It does not matter what nationality or age the women have in front of the camera. These qualities are the same for all women, even if they have a weak moment. That's the wonderful thing about women - their complexity.

Equipment :

Hasselblad - FUJI Neopan Acros 100

For 20 years I photograph passionately with heart and soul, especially portraits. At first, it was still analog photography that inspired me. The work in the analogue lab was a special time for me. I developed black and white films and maked prints by myself. These development processes have always fascinated me. This also applies to digital photography. To develop a picture from the shot to the editing and to see how it can develop in a different direction than originally planned by me - that is the fascination in photography for me. In 2013 I completed my studies at the Neue Schule für Fotografie.Berlin. Since then I am a freelance photographer.