Waterportraits "Otoño"

The woman in the intimate space of a tub: as an amniotic sac containing the woman, to create new textures, environments, tensions and different forms of aesthetic form in a expressive body: Create an artificial framework, light packaging and tensioners that change the context of traditional women - model studio work. 
Model: Ximena del Solar

Equipment :

Camera Canon 5D MKII with cnon Ef 50mm 1.8II, One Flash Bowens Gemini 750.

I am a woman, Chilean, 39 years old.
Photographer by passion and determination.  I have a daughter and I love art in all its expressions.
I studied literature at the University of Chile for four years and then studied PR, which led me to start a small business in which I have concentrated the last 10 years.
Photography is my escape, my departure, pride and what pushes me to look further.


Santiago, Chile

 Absolutely self-taught, I learned only through practice, revealed proyects and reading books.
At 17  I began to participate in workshops and competitions, I experienced everything I could in analog and then digital photography. Beauty, body, light, music and art in all ways are my inspiration.