Urban melancholy

Its easy to fall into melancholy these days, living in a city, where there are so many things to do, but there is no time, no mood and not enough money to do them. 
So we are struggling for some moments of freedom, trying to escape from the modern society or better the modern lie we are living, dreaming for a better tomorrow.

Equipment : Mostly my Canon 550D with the kit lens 18-55mm and occasionally with my smartphone. I'd sure want an upgrade in my photographic equipment (was thinking of a new camera or settle with a new lens), but right it's a bit difficult moneywise. But then again I'm quite happy with the one I have now, so I might just wait and see.

I got interested in photography at the age of 15 I think. My father gave me an old Pentax camera with a 50mm lens, bought me some films and told me to take pictures of whatever I wanted. First two 24 photos were on him, after that I would have to pay with my allowance the development of the films. Do after the first two rolls of film, I started thinking more and more of what I was going to photograph.. And I think this really helped me a lot. 
And that's how it all started.

I became later interested in black and white more than colored photos, since I saw that color can't express some feelings. I'm generally a bit melancholic and try seek loneliness sometimes, so I think color wouldn't be such a good idea for what I'm trying to photograph. Mostly my kind of (abstract) feelings.