I love the capture of time in one single frame. Used to do mostly long exposures, but time can be captured in every way.

Equipment :

Nikon D750 - Nikon D610 - Olympus OMD-EM10 - Nikon 18-35mm - Olympus 17mm - Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod - Firecrest ND filter 13 stops - B&W ND filter 10 stops

I started taking photo’s a year or 6 ago, a friend advised me a dslr over a compact camera.
It didn’t take me long to experiment with nd filters and long exposures, because i love the silky water effect, the movement of the clouds, the capture of time in one single frame…
Photographers like Michael Kenna and Michael Levin have inspired me the most,  but I get inspired everyday by just looking around, and
Lately, I discovered some different aspects of photography, street and architecture.
But no matter where I am, shooting landscapes, people or buildings, unintionally I capture things as minimal as possible.

Go your own way BW ND.JPG

Zomergem, Belgium