The Divinity of Chloe Trujillo

A collaboration between artist and fashion designer Chloe Trujillo and myself. I wanted to do a portrait series with Chloe in nature, highlighting her connection to the elements. What emerged, is this series of photographs.

Model: Chloe Trujillo

Publicist: Rachel Perkins

Assistants: Minji Kim, Damien Cruz

Shot with :

Camera :Panasonic Lumix GX8, Lens: Voigtlander 17.5 f0.95, Strobe: Honey Badger Unleashed 250W, Reflectors: Westcott Illuminator

My name is Martinos, also known as Lens Vagabond. I was born on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and currently live in Los Angeles, CA. I'm a visual story teller - a photographer and a tv/film editor. I'm interested in creating art out of fragments of life that would otherwise be lost in time and space, never to be witnessed. Through my lens, I present you with my personal hallucination of reality.


Los Angeles