Tales of rain

My fascination with rain began when I moved to Seattle from Australia 3 years ago. It was spring in full swing, the sun was beaming at the flowers, and I was having a good laugh at my friends here who all warned me of the notorious Seattle icon - the rain. The whole summer, not a single drop came down from the sky. So I came to see the rain as not only the heart of the local stories, but essentially as the core of a mythical tale - and one that defines the very identity of this city. This balancing on the verge of existence and nonexistence, the real and the dream, burden and beauty is the driving theme of this series.

Equiment :

Lumix LX100
Fuji X Pro 2 
Sony A7II

Karolina is a Polish-Australian street photographer currently based in Seattle, USA. She is strongly drawn to mysterious and lyrical aspects of everyday life. Karolina is a published photographer and laureate of international photography competitions, most recently Chromatic Photography Awards 2017.

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