Compositions of a larger life. A little story visualized in honor of our drives. 

Elevating it from the daily state of affairs. A predetermined framework 

in where transgression can taking place. A ritual attempt. 

I graduated from Rotterdam Photo Academy in 2012 and work mainly autonomously. In my photography I display the fulfillment of a piece of intimacy and my path to self-liberation. It is accompanied by curiosity, exploring boundaries, seclusion and desire. The woman is central in my photography. In addition I photograph myself in various capacities. Topics such as power, lust and individualism are recurring.

The images to me work like a diary, in which situations may or may not have been staged. I am sensitive to atmosphere and aesthetics and I like to let my feelings speak in the images. To strengthen that and achieve a correspondence, I mainly make the recordings with a digital pinhole camera. I’d like to mention Antoine d’Agata as a reference, with whom I spent a portfolio weekend in London 2018.

The purpose of my photography is to live things through. To reach a fulfillment in what I want to try out in life. To eventually make these photographic findings public. With this I would want to poetically address the line between pain and pleasure. My ambition is to further expand the work and to bring it to the attention of a broad and international audience.

For me photography was always there. Last century my dad shot thousands of dias with his Kodak Retina. Age twelve I got my first camera. In my adolescence I got schooled as an advertising draftsman and learned how to use the medium format camera, how to develop film and to retouche. Throughout my twenties, I got involved in music, writing and oil painting. But the camera was already glued in my hand. In 2006 I bought my first digital camera. That developed into a crave of making images and to experiment. End of 2009 I was admitted to the Academy of Photography in Rotterdam. 

Graduated in 2012, I came from a black and white, rather harsh style of staged portrait photography on topics of lust and power. It was like I gave all my rage to the camera. Until I took up an intense relation with the muse Maris and inaugurated the pinhole cap. My work then shifted to translating emotions rather than staging my ideas. I developed a style of shooting pinhole portraits in low light with long exposure, painting on the face and chest with a moving light source. The light painting combined with pinhole has become a signature.

Timeline of past events
Out of seeing life through the hole extensively comes forth fruit. I’m proud to say I was in exhibitions, competitions and nominations, won prizes, had magazine- and bookpublications like in SHOTS mag and Gup New Photo, exhibited in the prestigious Japanmuseum Sieboldhuis, Leiden. Participated in the first edition of Rotterdam.Photo festival and had several collaborations with fellow alumni Eli Dijkers and Jesse Immanuel Bom. With Jesse I crossed over to filming and directing. For example in the award winning horror 'Lilith.'