Metamorphosis you want to emphasize gender and fictional, valuing up to search the photographic image that evoke nineteenth-century paintings of Flemish art. The aesthetic is very thorough and deep tones of reds and blacks recall this period historical/artistic. Metamorphosis is a project that offers portrait photography as a tool to evoke distant times and places from us, while not excluding contemporary quotes The dresses are made from a tailoring (Leather and Velvet) that deals with reenactments history and studied in detail may be as faithful as possible to that historical period.

Equipment :

Nikon D600

Fabrizio, but pouring was born in Bologna in 1972 and sign Iccio.fa began studying photography at the age of 15 years, preferring the black-and-white film that chooses as its own language, to experience the kinds of reportage, of street photography and Portrait. Participates in numerous competitions and his portfolio is published on the platform on cool "PhotoVogue. Wole partner and owner of Officina Fotografica Bologna.

Metamorfosi 2@iccio.fa.jpg

Bologna, Italy

Currently he also works for Art + Commerce, prestigious International Agency representing photographers and creative and is associate and freelance from USPA "United States Press Agency”.

He collaborates with various community and networked Livin Art, who author La Strada . From 2015 to 2017 has been a collective author Isp Italy Street Photography 'alive photography as a dialogue between me and the world, a form of communication, the more intimate and profound.'