'La Tontuela' & 'Una extraña en el jardín'

The character in this series of portraits, 'La tontuela' and 'Una extraño en el jardín', shows a mysterious lonely girl, childish, of great imagination and with a wild spirit. Her days are based on outdoor games and walks in a sick garden. It is inspired by the protagonist of 'We have always lived in the castle', the last novel by the American writer Shirley Jackson.

Equipment :

Canon EOS REBEL T5i & Canon EOS REBEL T5

We are Leslie Pepín and Lisbet González, creators of Elle. All our life we have live in the city, surrounded by open people of hectic lives, but the extraversion has never been a feature that is part of us. Our relationship with photography arises from the need to tell stories in an aesthetic way.


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Elle's work is characterized by black and white and sepia tones. We try to explore: children's games, introversion, vulnerability, innocence, dreams, interaction and the fusion of human beings with nature, rigor, captivity, among others.