in the trail of calatrava

Starting out with streetphotography i visited the railwaystation Guillemins at Liège in my homecountry.
This beauty of architecture blew me away, those lines, perfect shapes and clean concrete made my style of streetphotography
to get shaped and helped creating some sort of personal signature in the proces
So being very inspired over the years by the architect Santiago Calatrava, i needed to visit more from him.
So i travelled to his city of arts at Valencia, inspiring me even more...

Shot with nikon d750, nikkor 16-35, nikon 85mm and sigma 12-24

Having a great pasion about many forms of photography,
streetphotography always stood out the most.
Combining the unexpected with the perfect light in the perfect location always gives me a buzz!
over the years i developed a great preference for black and white images as they are more compelling to me,
they are more timeless and create more feeling and mood in my opinion


Adegem, Belgium

Benny BulkerenaudUrban