Human in geometry

This series is really all about modern architecture with the right light and the patience for the right person to walk into my created canvas.

I just love the way my camera make's me see the world, lifts me out of my chair and give me the hunger to explore and create and above all: experience it.

I cannot constrain myself to one kind of genre but what I do and love the most is human in geometry, when I see through my viewfinder those architectural lines with the perfect light creating perfect geometry and mood. 
The reward is so great when someone walks into my canvas at just the right spot, it gives me a buzz.
Of course these things require some patience, study and still a good bit of luck....
But the reward of the result makes it all wortwhile.
My dream is to visit al calatrava's works and create a series of how humans relate to those huge modern art architectures

walking by lady justice.jpg

Adegem, Belgium