Gent street

The streets of Gent, Belgium, captured by a guy on a bike.

Equipment :

Nikon D-5200 
35mm lens (Nikkor AF-S 35mm F1.8 G DX)
10-24mm lens (Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24 mm 1:3,5-4,5G ED)

As a kid I was a huge comic fan. And somehow, my pictures remind me of comic covers. It's not that I try to achieve that effect on purpose, it just happens. It was only recently I realised this, and it made me smile.    
When I was a teenager an eye defect was diagnosed: I now have very bad eye sight and I am color blind. I have tunnel vision. You don't have to be a keen observer to see what that does to my style of making images. It's how I see the world.
In my twenties I partied a lot. My view on things is since then permanently distorted. Strange perspectives, fantastic beasts hiding in the shadows, the attraction of darkness. I see drama popping up everywhere. Luckily the voices in my head stopped since I started taking my medicine (*).   


Gent, Belgium

As a thirty-something I (still partied a lot but I also) started writing short stories about the things I encountered in my everyday life, everyday people in everyday events that somehow triggered my imagination. Now, years later, I try to do the same, not with words but with images. We live in a visual age after all, don't we? 
As a forty-something I found love, true love and happiness. I hope this shines through in the pictures that I make. I love the things or people I photograph and I always will depict them with respect. I find this should be a rule of street photography. 
Since 2016 I live and work in Gent (BE) and always carry my Nikon with me, capturing little urban moments as I ride my bike through town.

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