Eva....toute seule

This summer I started a project, called "Art Nude Outdoor". Eva Lunia was one of the models in this project. My modus operandi is letting the models move freely in the open nature, bare naked, and with a minimum of instructions. I shoot from a distance from the back ground. The result is a nice harvest of natural looking pictures..... and that is what I was looking for.
I hope this series can express this feeling of freedom. Thanks for looking.

Model: Eva Lunia
Photographer: Stefan Alen

Somewhere in the eighties I started taking pictures, analog of course, because digital didn't exist yet. My interest went up and down, like the Dow Jones, liked to the work pressure and the needs of the children and wife.
Now, 40 years and some cardiac problems later I find myself as parttime professional photographer with preferences for model photography, black and white, and Art Nude.


Hasselt, Belgium

Stefan AlenrenaudNude