Dark Culture

Dark Culture was initially came into my mind when I thought experimenting low key photography and my model also encouraged me for this. Most of the photo here is under deep dark, telling an unique story.

Equipment :

Camera: Nikon D7000, Lens: 50MM 1.8D

Software: Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop

My name is Debarghya Mukherjee. I am from India. My city is Howrah(Haora), a small city very near to Kolkata. I was very fond of painting and art work for my childhood, and eventually I got the freedom of art in photography. I am doing photography for last 3 years. My specially is on portrait and creative work, I also do commercial and fashion photography. The journey of my photography was all started after my marriage, I was always passionate about art and culture but after marriage my wife gave me lots of support and I started clicking photos.


Howrah, India

Initially it was just a fun, but soon after it becomes a serious affair for me. I was invited by many photography workshops, exhibition for my creative work. I was very fond of portrait from very beginning, I used to draw images of human, so that influenced my photography also, playing with dark shadow and light is very fascinating thing to me. I am comfortable in outdoor and studio shot, but I prefer studio photography mostly. I am also very thankful to world famous photographer and retouch artists for inspiring me. I sent many of my works to the world famous photographers, and they appreciated, it was a lot for a new comers like me. I must say Sue Bryce, Lindsay Adler, Lara Jade has great impact on me also. I followed Pratik Nayek, Michael Woloszynowicz for their excellent retouch work. This is my story, hopefully, I will get a higher platform to showcase my works to the world like these great master artists.