Collages and Impressions

Collages isn't a series in the sense that I made them with a series in mind, but they do fit together in that they all combine certain visual elements on different planes with a minimal depth of field. I first saw this quality in my work after attending an art history class on modernist painters and their collages, and the astute observation by the (in)famous critic Clement Greenberg that modernism seems to be about self-reflective art, art that moves closer to the essential elements of its medium. Expressionism turns into pop-art not because of some sociological phenomenom but because the surface of a painting is flat, and thus to maximize flatness is the most honest and self-aware expression of that art-form. I don't whether I agreed, but it did make me look at some of my own work in a new light. What is photography as a medium, and what's unique about it? It is essentially the capturing of light, and while the light comes from a 3D atmosphere it is caught on a 2D surface. So to showcase in a photograph that light from different planes all lands on one surface seemed a way to make photography reflect on itself, and I decided to try to do this by using longer focal lengths deliberately focused on either a flat plane like a window or between different subjects to make them both equally far away from the in focus area. The result is that they are collages that immediately appear to the viewer as flat, and yet they see different planes. This puts attention the illusionary capacity of a photograph, and make us think about the medium itself and not just about the scene.

Equipment :

Fuji X series camera's and vintage Yashica lenses in 80mm and 205mm equivalents

I'm a philosophy student with a huge interest in art, who was brought to photography through both a desire to create (and frustration with other mediums of creation) and a fear of death. Ever since I moved to a city from the small rural village I grew up in, I became obsessed with walking around. The more I visited the same places, sometimes 4 or 5 times a day, the more extravagant and strange the stories that developed in my interpretation of any given scene. I was aware that I often created these stories, that they often weren't there, but that they were simply my way of seeing. With that came an intense joy, but also a fear that this way of seeing would be locked inside, and that it would drive me insane or be lost forever.


Utrecht, The Netherlands

I could not manage to capture it with writing or music, my original choices of artistic expression. As both a philosophy student and avid reader of fiction and poetry since a young age, the written arts made sense to me, but I could not enjoy any of my own writing, or the music that was supposed to carry it. Once I picked up photography everything clicked, and I've been walking more, seeing more stories and enjoying them even more than ever before.