Botanical Garden with Annemarie

It was a really cold winter day in December 2017. On this morning Annemarie exclusively has travelled from Magdeburg to Berlin for having a portrait session with me. So we met at a warm location, the Botanical Garden. I always wanted to have a photo location like this and trying to get a little creative with exotic plants, leaves and their structures. Together we created this great series on black and white film. Thank you Annemarie for your trust!

Model : Annemarie Römer

Equipment :

Camera: Rolleicord III
Film Stock: Kodak Tri-X 400

My name is Daniel Krueger and I'm an analogue photographer from Berlin, Germany. I use nearly always my old Rolleicord III medium format TLR camera to portray people. I would describe my photography as authentic, honest, timeless, emotional and straight forward. The analog process of image creation plays a very important role for me and my photographic work. Most of my work is now produced exclusively on black and white film.


Berlin, Germany