Book of Poses

Model: Karla Agne

Light Assist: Darko Mitevski

Location: Berlin, november 2018

Equipment :

Equipment: Nikon D700, Nikkor 50mm

Darko graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje at the Institute of Sociology. He was introduced to photography during his college years. The connection between photography and sociology became obvious in his first project dealing with street photography. After spending 4 years trying to capture the perfect moment, he started working actively on the ‘Dark White’ project. In this project, he predominantly used black-and-white tones



Darko’s passion for photography has not faded away. He was determined to see the world through a new perspective and to experiment a bit more with color in his works. This is where the ongoing project ‘Project.06’ came to life. He is currently working on following pre-written scripts, adding a multidisciplinary character to his art. Stojkovski’s photographs can rarely be seen on group exhibitions because of his focus on solo exhibitions allowing his to show his multidisciplinarity best.