Jan-Niklas Kowalk



Why and how did you become a photographer ?

I became a photographer because I like the technique and the creativity behind it. It started with my new iPhone two years ago. At first I took photos of things and buildings on my way to work. After a half year I bought me a Sony Alpha 6000 and started with landscape and architecture photography. A half year later I’ve started making portraits and that’s where I am now. I am taking photos for two years now.

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Are you formally trained or self-taught ?

I’m self-taught. I’ve started with reading a book about the groundings of photography. After reading the book I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos. Last summer I’ve done a video training about photography and another one about taking portraits. The best way to learn is “learning by doing “.

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What's in your camera bag ?

Not much:

- Sony A7 II Camera Body

- 50mm f1.8 Lens

- reflector

- some props

That’s all.

Are you working on a specific project ?

At the moment I am not working on any specific project. But in the future I have two projects that I would like to implement.

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More widely, how would you present your work to readers ?

I would say it’s simple portrait photography with a touch of art.


How do you see your photographic future ?

I will be more perfectionist in my work. And also i Hope i can be a freelancer photographer in a few years.


Any final words ?

Thanks to Linklens magazine for this short interview! And to all photographers: Never give up and learn by going out there and trying.

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Verden, Germany